Pop Art and Pop Design: how to decorate in Pop Art style without falling into the Kitsch

sala da pranzo in stile pop art

Pop Art and Pop Design: how to decorate in Pop Art style without falling into the Kitsch

Pop Art is an artistic current that began to spread in the mid-fifties in Great Britain and in the early sixties in the United States in stark contrast with the excessive intellectualism that had prevailed until then, especially in the artistic field, considering noteworthy and an art object only what was culturally and intellectually profound.

With Pop Art this elitist concept of art decays and leaves the scene to popular culture, hence the term Pop.

The years of the economic boom, consumerism and democratization processes allowed in fact a great well-being to people who, thanks to a higher lifestyle, began to be able to afford the purchase of products, not only functional, but also having a value aesthetics.

To inspire the birth of the pop art style are therefore, products and objects in which more and more people begin to identify themselves: even what is popular can finally be considered artistically and intellectually interesting.

A real cultural revolution had begun!

Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, artists symbol of the movement, but also George Segal, Claes Oldenburg, James Rosenquist in fact, focused on the world around man, drawing inspiration from comics, advertising images and other forms of visual communication and addressing its attention to objects, myths and also to the languages ​​of the consumer society.

Pop Art obviously also influenced the design which began to change shapes, materials and colors.

Softer and bizarre shapes, contemporary materials such as plastic and bright colors alongside optical patterns will characterize the trend of the time by placing two absolute protagonists at the center of interior design: color and irony.

But let’s get to us and how to decorate in Pop Art style without falling into the Kitsch.

Pop art furniture today is more current than ever. Ironic, irreverent and colorful, it can change the way of furnishing by bringing the disruptive force, the positive energy of bright colors and the irony of Pop Art into living and commercial spaces, creating environments characterized by good humor and a pinch of madness.

Pop style does not seek harmony but loves contrasts, mixes different languages, regardless of eras and rules. It is joyful creativity, which enhances everyday objects, giving them a new way of being interpreted and experienced. This type of furniture is within everyone’s reach and few, but well-studied, elements in pop art style will be enough to give the environment a sparkling and energetic appearance.

parete in stile pop art

The best furniture items in pop art style

To furnish in pop style, there are some essential elements to keep in mind:

  1. Furniture and furnishing accessories must have very bright colors and preferably be in plastic or plexiglass;
  2. Paintings and decorative elements will have a Sixties pop culture influence, but you can also choose contemporary Pop Art or Pop Design pieces;
  3. The fantasies and the lines, however abstract and lively, must maintain a precise coherence and be minimal. No Baroqueisms!


Now let’s try to imagine these concepts declined within our home or office / shop:

What would these spaces look like if they started to explode with color and freshness?

Here are some tips for a Pop decor that is not Kitsch!

Let’s start from the walls and say that for the coverings there is no doubt, the wallpaper with geometric motifs or hypnotic multicolored patterns, inspired by the Optical Art, is what best expresses the taste of those years. Stripes, polka dots and concentric bubbles give dynamic effects of great power and energy.

If you are decorating on a budget, don’t forget to hang some colorful prints by Andy Warhol or other American, English or Italian Pop Art artists. You can also play with paintings or posters in modular compositions or with series images next to each other, where only the color combinations change. Take a look at the pop art works designed by PitPop!

Pop art furniture and accessories

The furniture inside the rooms, on the other hand, must be few, but very particular. Better to prefer shapes and colors that make them evident and eccentric.

The lip-shaped sofa, for example, is a classic of this style and the visual impact it creates is so strong that the room may not need much more.

It is not necessary that the furniture is coordinated, if not for the colors, it will be these, in fact, to make the rooms coherent at an optical level, linking very different complements.

As for the furnishings, it will be essential to calibrate every choice, since in Pop every object has its own strong personality.

Low tables to be placed in the center of the living room, curved bookcases and shelves, with a sinuous and glossy design. Pop Art focuses heavily on plastic materials and artifacts, this is exactly the distinctive feature of the furniture of the sixties.

Lighting and pop art details

For lighting, suspension chandeliers are exactly what it takes to faithfully follow the furnishing style of those brilliant years. Even the small colored lampshades on the bedside tables in the bedrooms add a Pop atmosphere to the environment. Don’t worry about daring and keep in mind the patterns and colors characteristic of Pop Art: the more the details you choose will be bizarre and the better the final result will be.

Finally, by shifting the attention to detail, we can say with certainty that the fur rugs in the living room or bedroom, the rounded fridge and bar stools from the 50s and 60s in the kitchen, the cushions with striped textures, polka dots or representing the great idols of music and cinema of those years, from Elvis to Marilyn, are must-haves for Pop Art style furnishings.

These furnishings and details are absolutely valid if we furnish shops or offices, on the contrary, the more a store or restaurant wants to communicate the strong Pop identity, the more the style furniture will be emphasized.

An important note: decorating in a Pop way does not necessarily mean inserting vintage style pieces from the 50s and 60s; you can also characterize the rooms with contemporary Pop Art and Pop Design furniture, accessories and paintings.


In short, free your mind, create your world in colors with the use of refined elements that can brighten up your spaces and make them extremely original. However, do not make the mistake of believing that a pop art style environment should be filled with objects and furniture, on the contrary, in some respects it can be considered minimal.

You need to know how to select a few furnishings following a specific criterion without weighing down the rooms, both in terms of shapes and nuances; alternate eccentric shapes and optical geometries with more subtle nuances. In order not to exaggerate and never be in bad taste, remember that the feeling of lightness and light-heartedness must always reign in every corner of your home, because the environments you live and frequent every day are places to love and as Andy Warhol said “Pop art is a way of loving things”.

Antonella Tolve