Welcome to the PITPOP blog… With a special guest!

Welcome to the PITPOP blog… With a special guest!

PIT-POP Pop Art told by Sergio Mandelli

Hi Friend,

today we want to welcome you to our blog and introduce you to our PITPOP art project!

We wanted this blog on our site because we think that today it is fundamental for an emerging brand like ours to communicate in an interesting and constant way with those who follow us through a daily story of what we are, what we do and why we do it.

Our dreams, our mistakes and failures but also the things that were successful and well done that have led us in ten years to be what we are today. To build step by step, work after works, with great stylistic coherence, our artistic project in the continuous search for a sign and a message that today has reached its maturity. A maturity that does not prevent us from continuing to experiment and to always have new projects and goals.

We want to tell each other not only to talk about us but because through our stories you can recognize even the smallest of the pieces of your story. A little what music does with a song. We want to establish with you not only a digital connection but a real, authentic relationship, made of common thoughts, desires and passions to be shared or criticized in a constructive way.

Well. At this point we just have to introduce you to PITPOP, our digital Pop Art that tells, between art and technology, our modernity. But we decided to do it through a very dear friend of ours, Sergio Mandelli, contemporary art gallery owner, curator and storyteller, who in this video, in his unique way of presenting artists, tells the PITPOP Pop Art in a simple and fresh way!

Good vision!



Antonella and Rino – PIT-POP

Antonella Tolve