arredare l'ufficio in stile pop art

The importance of a waiting room to move with the times and … and the Pop Art Style!

The importance of a waiting room to move with the times and … and the Pop Art Style!

In this article we will talk about the importance of a waiting room in step with the times and in Pop style! And we will do it by contacting medical professionals, especially dentists.

Once the waiting room was simply the place where patients waited their turn before being received by the dentist or doctor and nothing more. It was an environment where magazines were displayed on a table, usually in the center of the room itself. The lighting, colors, paintings, communication and all the components that characterized the climate were occasionally assembled.

However, even if this type of waiting room is still widespread, something has changed, thanks to Healthcare Marketing, through which you can “influence” the decision-making process of your potential patient and give added value to a studio environment, too often neglected, but capable of conditioning the patient’s perception of you as a dentist or doctor.

The theme of the studio image is strongly connected to your image as a professional and your team. In fact the patient will be influenced in his own choice by so-called “image” variables. This does not mean that you do not have to invest in clinical and professional quality, quite the contrary, but it means that investing in image for study is now the necessary prerequisite just to communicate that clinical-professional quality resulting from years of study and improvement.

sala di attesa dentista in stile pop art

The waiting room in fact, is the business card of the studio, if it is tidy, clean, organized, comfortable, well lit, then it is easy for me to give the dentist the opportunity to become the provider of the service that interests me, if this does not happen I will try another.

Designing or reinventing the waiting room in the most congruent way to the image you want to give of your study is essential to “talk” to your patient about you and the way in which you operate. Therefore, the more your waiting room is interactive, engaging and relaxing, the more it will seem to be not just a number but a welcome and pampered guest and even that you won’t have waited too long.

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And if this waiting room had a Pop character?

Yes, exactly.

If evasion, irony and color were the guidelines of your whole studio?

Imagine an overall concept of the environment, designed to allow the patient to associate dental or medical activity with positive moods.

studio dentistico con arredo pop art

Make waiting a light moment through a relaxed and fun atmosphere, focusing on the positive energy of bright colors and pop without neglecting the professional and formal aspect of the context.

Wouldn’t it be a winning set of details with a fresh and contemporary spirit, ideal for making those who enter the studio feel at ease?

Well, the idea of ​​creating an environment with a Pop taste certainly answers PIT-POP, our digital Pop Art project that tells our modernity halfway between art and technology.

Recently, in fact, we have developed a new project dedicated to the category of medical professionals and dentists.

To find out more, download the “High-Impact Waiting Room Guide” for FREE. 

With the works of PIT-POP, we propose to bring the irony of Pop Art and the positive energy of its bright colors into living and commercial spaces.


Through our strong and unmistakable sign, inspired by Pop Art, we bring vivacity to the environment through a story made up of images, colors and ironic messages reproduced in limited edition on canvas, wall plates, wallpaper and decorative panels.

But the singular thing is that these works “speak” to your patients about your work, the objects and phrases that are the protagonists of your daily life and that of your patient, but they do it with the creativity of a light and pleasant, never aggressive parody or inappropriate.

We furnish in a different and personalized way, in the format and in the subject, to make your studio even more modern and exclusive: only limited edition pieces or unique pieces, numbered and signed with a certificate of authenticity.

quadro pop art dentista

We combine the educational value of prevention with the unique value of a piece of art.

With the works of PIT-POP:

– give your studio a touch of color without changing the color of the walls

– educate your customers about prevention through the beauty of art in a nice way

– make the waiting time pleasant

– tastefully furnished your waiting room

– renew the environment without making structural changes

– give value to your studio thanks to unique limited edition works

We believe that in an increasingly distracted and individualistic world it is important to capture people’s attention by focusing on unexpected visual elements such as strong color and irony to snatch a smile inside environments where pain and suffering are often the protagonists .

Let’s Pop!

Antonella and Rino

Antonella Tolve