The 3 mistakes to avoid if you want to decorate in Pop style

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The 3 mistakes to avoid if you want to decorate in Pop style

As you know, Pop Art furniture today is more current than ever. Ironic, irreverent and colorful, it can transform living and commercial spaces by bringing the strong force, the positive energy of bright colors and the irony of Pop Art, creating environments full of good humor and a touch of madness.

Pop style does not seek harmony but loves contrasts, mixes different languages, regardless of eras and rules. It is joyful creativity, which enhances everyday objects, giving them a new way of being interpreted and experienced.

A decor of this type is within everyone’s reach and few, but well-studied, elements in pop art style will be enough to give the environment a sparkling and energetic appearance.

However, there are some essential elements to consider because the enemy is always around the corner: that of “overdoing” and falling into kitsch.

Here are the 3 big mistakes of those who try to furnish in a Pop way … doing it by themselves!

  1. Furniture and furnishing accessories do not have bright colors, they are too many and plastic or plexiglass are almost or completely absent

On the contrary, few furniture will be fine but with bright colors and complements in plastic or plexiglass with a great impact and a strong personality

  1. Paintings and decorative elements are not inspired by 1950s-1960s pop culture

Prints or colored paintings are not enough, it is important that the subjects lead back to the cultural ferment, the musical and cinematographic divism of those years. Otherwise you can’t talk about Pop style!

  1. The patterns and lines, although abstract and lively, overload the environment and are not consistent with a certain minimalist aspect of Pop Art

The brightly colored and bizarre shapes of the furniture will be the backdrop for walls or wallpapers characterized by simple geometric lines, such as stripes or polka dots, preferably in black and white in order to detach from the strong colors



To give you an idea of ​​what you absolutely must do to trivialize the concept of Pop furniture, we have included some images in which you find highlighted the “serious errors” that those who do it themselves are likely to do …

 Full Pop!
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